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Contemporary Essays



Contemporary Essays is a collection of carefully selected and compiled topical essays meant for complete coverage of the all viable essay topics for the first paper of the UPSC Mains examination, which is exclusively an essay paper. After the restructuring of the syllabus of the Main examination in 2013, the scope and weight of the Essay Paper has increased to 250 marks, covering most of the important socio-economic and political issues. There is now a declared emphasis on the importance of a cogently written essay and the art of essay writing. This book is therefore perfectly conceived and designed for the aspirants of Union Civil Services and State Civil Services examinations.
Salient Features
1. Over 40 detailed essays in one title
2. Older essays completely updated, revised and/or replaced
3. Introductory write-up on the art of essay writing and the prerequisites of a good essay
4. Carefully selected essays on topics relating to Ethics in Public Policies; Knowledge Acquisition; Social Behaviour and Social Aspects of Religion included in the book
5. Thematically put together to benefit readership preparing for other competitive examinations
6. Written in an extremely lucid language which is easy to grasp
7. Essays come with important references at the end so that aspirants may easily find other reading material

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SKU/ISBN 9789352604340
AUTHOR Ramesh Singh
LANGUAGE English Medium
FORMAT Paperback

Preface to the Second Edition vii
Preface to the First Edition ix
About Essay Writing xi
1. Understanding Human Wellbeing 2
2. Re-examining India?s Diversity 14
3. Religion and Reservation 20
4. Whither Religion? 26
5. Fractured Mandate and Coalition Politics 34
6. Creating New States 42
7. Democratic Decentralisation in India 50
8. Situating Civil Society in a Democracy 62
9. The Menace of Paid News 68
10. Governance as a Factor of Development 74
11. Direct Benefit Transfer 82
12. The Menace of Cyber Crime 90
13. The Need of Labour Reforms 96
14. Women?s Reservation 102
15. Planning in India: Looking Back 108
16. A Paradigm Shift in Development Planning 114
17. Justifying India?s Approach to Reform 120
18. India Needs Second Generation of Reforms 126
19. Introspecting the Green Revolution 132
20. Going for the Second Green Revolution 141
21. The GMF Dilemma 148
22. Land Acquisition and Other Issues 154
23. Social Behaviour and Development 160
24. Including Ethics in Public Policy of India 166
25. Fine Balancing Democracy and Social Media 172
26. Public Service Delivery and Inclusive Growth 178
27. Delay is Absence of Good Governance 184
28. Legal Right to Food: Facing the Challenges 190
29. Indian Agriculture is a Victim of Its Own Success 196
30. Fourth Industrial Revolution and India 202
31. Environmental Protection and Lifestyle Change 208
32. Maximum Governance through Minimum Government 214
33. The Idea of Team India 220
34. Cleanliness is Next to Godliness 226
35. Human Knowledge is Common Property 232
36. Education Imparts more than Livelihood 238
37. Religion Unites and does not Divide 244
38. A Life Lived for Others is a Life Lived Worthwhile 250
39. Has India become a Low Trust Country? 256
40. Success is Measured by the Happiness it Gives 262

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