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Politicization of education or history is harmful. The syllabus of World History for IAS Mains requires a wider perspective on enlisted topics. Many important events took place worldwide and their detailed accounts must be studied before talking further about the world scenario.
The book is designed to help the students studying Contemporary World and for those who are preparing for various competitive examinations. Almost each and every topic of World History has been covered in a synoptic and crystal clear manner. Students will find the approach of this book extensive which will help the readers of this book in finding out what the world was in the beginning of 15th & 16th centuries and how it transformed into its present state.
In-depth coverage of Events, Currents, Movements and Personalities that shaped the History of the World given in the book will enlighten you to the required level of the exam.

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SKU/ISBN 9789352035106
AUTHOR Ravi Shankar
LANGUAGE English Medium
FORMAT Paperback

Renaissance, American Revolution, French Revolution, Industrial Revolution, Unification of Italy and Germany, Imperialism and Colonialism, Russian Revolution, World War I, World War II, Political Philosophies in Modern World, Liberation from Colonial Rule, Post War Foundations: Nato and European Community, Fall of the Soviet Union and USA?s Domination Important Historical Terms & Famous Personalities Model Question Answers

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