Governance In India
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Governance In India



The second revised edition of Governance in India by Laxmikanth is focused exam-centric book for aspirants of the Civil Services and other similar competitive examinations. However, the nature of the topic and the contents will be extremely relevant and useful for those interested in understanding the evolving dynamics of the system of governance in the country.In his inimitable style which is hallmark of Laxmikanth’ s books, the author clearly identifies the topics of the subject and presents them in his familiar reader friendly format. It is also worth mentioning that these topics do not overlap with his Indian Polity book.
Salient Feature:
1. 22 chapters covering the different aspects of Governance in India.2. Each chapter divided into various sub topics3. 12 appendices providing information on committees, commissions etc.4. Practice Questions for Preliminary Examination.

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SKU/ISBN 9789339204785
AUTHOR M Laxmikanth
LANGUAGE English Medium
FORMAT Paperback

“1. Rights Issues 2. Public Policy 3. Central Administration 4. State Administration 5. Divisional Administration 6. District Administration 7. Personnel Administration 8. Financial Administration 9. Law and Order Administration 10. Control OverAdministration 11. Statutory Bodies 12. Regulatory Bodies 13. Quasi?Judicial Bodies 14. Autonomous Bodies 15. Advisory Bodies 16. Executive Bodies 17. Government Interventions for Development 18. Welfare Schemes for Vulnerable Sections 19. Laws for Protection of Vulnerable Sections 20. Institutions and Bodies for Vulnerable Sections 21. Important Aspects of Governance 22. Comparison of the Constitutions Appendix 1. List of Committees and Commissions Appendix 2. Second Administrative Reforms Commission (Moily) Appendix 3. Committee on Civil Service Reforms (Hota) Appendix 4. Committee on Police Reforms (Sorabjee) Appendix 5. Sixth Pay Commission (Srikrishna) Appendix 6. Seventh Pay Commission Constituted Appendix 7. Committee on Status of Muslims (Sachar) Appendix 8. 13th Finance Commission (Kelkar) Appendix 9. 14th Finance Commission Constituted Appendix 10. 20th Law Commission Constituted Appendix 11. Practice Questions on Governance (General Studies?Prelims) Appendix 12. Practice Questions on Governance (General Studies?Mains)”

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