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About the Author Professor H.S. Sidhu is a renowned mentor and Civil Services expert in the region. His keen interest in research-oriented analysis of multiple areas of General Studies and happenings in different domain has motivated him to write the book. This is one of the most relevant & authentic work for UPSC aspirants and others. He has been guiding Civil Services aspirants for more than 20 years. He has been a member of Oslo (Norway) ? based International Council for Open & Distance Education. At present, he is the Director of S.R. Career Zone ? an Institute for IAS Exam at Bhatinda in Punjab. About the Book Esencia: Current affairs 2e is an outstanding compilation of current affairs as per pattern of the Civil Services examination. Unlike other books in the market, Esencia does not indulge in mere stating of current events and happenings. In fact, it presents an ?analysis? of news and current affairs which are totally in tandem with the latest pattern of the Civil Services examination. The USP of the book is its presentation of the entire content in the form of mind maps which leads to very easy retention of information. Salient Features 1. The only book in the market in the form of Main Maps 2. Compilation of News, views and analysis of current affair 3. Based on the General Studies syllabus for Civil Services Examination 4. The book is comprehensive, unique, powerful and aims at boosting performance 5. Very easy to read and retain 6. Very precise and specific to the examination requirements 7. All current events included and analyzed topic wise 8. Separate analysis of Union budget 2019 9. Makes retention of important details very easy and comfortable 10. Important for all three phases of the examination 11. Section wise questions as per the level of the examination for practice.

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LANGUAGE English Medium
FORMAT Paperback

Table of Contents POLITY, GOVERNANCE & INTERNATIONAL 1. East Asia Summit 2. ASEAN 3. RCEP 4. Economic Integration 5. NAFTA Renegotiated 6. Crisis in Venezuela 7. 103rd Amendment to the Constitution 8. National Women?s Party 9. Some Non-Proliferation Treaties/Regimes 10. Rafale Deal 11. National Emergency in US 12. US Containing Iran 13. Geo-Politics of West Asia 14. Electoral Reforms in India GEOGRAPHY & ENVIRONMENT 1. CITES 2. International Treaties on Environment 3. UNFCCC 4. Ozone Depletion & Its Protection 5. Air Quality 6. Water & Sanitation 7. Global Warming 8. Environmental Agenda 9. IUCN 10. India : State of Forest Report 11. National Forest Policy 1986 12. Draft National Forest Policy 2018 13. Coral Reefs 14. Air Pollution 15. Air Quality in India 16. Disaster Resilient Infrastructure 17. National Disaster Management Plan (NDMP) 18. National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) 19. Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 20. Workshop on DRR 21. Sustainable Development Goals ECONOMY & SOCIAL ISSUES 1. Ayushman Bharat 2. Doubling Farmers? Income 3. Women & Child Development in Union Budget 4. Gender Inequality 5. National Knowledge Network (NKN) 6. Important Mosquito-borne Diseases SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY 1.Astra Missile 2. BrahMos Missile 3. Brief History of Missiles 4. SFDR Technology 5. Chandrayaan 6. Gaganyaan 7. Geomagnetic Poles 8. India?s MoM 9. Photosynthesis : Beyond Red Limit 10. HGP 11. Various Vector-borne Diseases 12. IRGSP (Rice Genome Project) 13. Wheat Genome Project 14. Earth Biogenome Project 15. LIGO-India 16. Hydrogen Bomb vs. Atomic Bomb 17. Conference on Disarmament 18. UN Treaty on Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons 19. Blood Moon 20. GTO, GSO & LEO 21. PSLV & GSLV 22. GSLV-Mk III 23. Cryogenic Engine 24. Artificial Moon 25. Parker Solar Probe Mission 26. Genetic Surgery 27. National Biofuel Policy 28. Hydrogen Fuel UNION BUDGET 1. Union Budget 2. Budget 2019 3. 10-Point Vision for India 4. National Centre for Artificial Intelligence 5. Budget at a Glance 6. Sources of Revenue of Union Government 7. National Education Mission 8. Important UN Days QUESTIONS FOR PRACTICE 1. Question for Practice for UPSC (Prelim) Exam 2. Answers to Questions

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