Ethics, Integrity And Aptitude
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Ethics, Integrity And Aptitude



This book is meant for aspirants of the Civil Services Mains examination ? General Studies Paper IV. It comprehensively covers the syllabus and helps aspirants in in-depth preparation for this paper. Written by the Director of a successful coaching institute, this text benefits from the fact that author teaches this subject to students and his day-to-day interaction gives him the required insights into the students? requirements.
Salient Features:
1. Three new chapters added in the new edition, namely, Aptitude and Foundational Values for Civil Services, Public Civil Services Values and Work Culture
2. Learning Objectives defined at the beginning of each chapter
3. Relevant quotations that set the tone of the content
4. Boxed items to explain key concepts
5. Examples to illustrate these concepts
6. Tables and figures for clarity and retention of content
7. Bulleted conclusions to chapters for a quick recap
8. Practice Questions at the end of each chapter
9. References for further reading wherever required
10. Thoughtfully prepared Mini Cases
i) Real-life case studies
ii) Ethical issues raised in these cases
iii) Questions that are to be asked and
iv) Analyses of situations
v) Interactive style of presentation ? engaging with readers; thought provoking 11. Two sets of thirty case studies each, followed by questions, at the end of the book
12. Previous Years? Questions ? 2015 and 2016
13. Annexure containing Terms and Terminology, Human Values, Ethics in Governance, Code of Conduct for Political Parties and so on

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SKU/ISBN 9789352606238
AUTHOR M Karthikeyan
LANGUAGE English Medium
FORMAT Paperback

1. Human Values
2. Lessons from the Life of Great Personalities
3. Ethics ?A look at the Basics
4. Attitude
5. Foundational Values for Civil Service
6. Public Service Values and Ethics in Public Administration
7. Philosophical basis of Governance; Laws, Rules, Regulations and Conscience as sources of Ethical Guidance and Work Culture
8. Emotional intelligence
9. Ethics in International Relations
10. Corporate Governance
11. Right to Information
12. Citizens? Charter
13. E-Governance
14. Corruption
15. Case Studies on Values, Emotional and Social Intelligence
16. Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics
17. Gandhian Ethics and its Relevance Today
18. Philosophers
Practice Questions 440
Previous Years? Questions 440
Annexures 1 To 10
1. Ethics?Terms and Terminology 443
2. List of Values 450
3. Human Values 455
4. Central Civil Services (Conduct) Rules, 1964 (Updated) 457
5. Fourth Report ? Ethics in Governance (Second Administrative Reforms Commission) 465
6. PC Hota Committee Report on Civil Services Reforms 475
7. The ASPA Code of Ethics?1994 483
8. Model Code of Conduct for the Guidance of Political Parties and Candidates?Election Commission of India 485
9. Stages of Moral Development ? Kohlberg 490
10. Fundamental Duties 492
Question Paper?2013
Question Paper?2014
Question Paper?2015
Question Paper?2016

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