Indian Policy And Development
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Indian Policy And Development



Indian Policy and Development is a comprehensive and exhaustive manual of government policies and schemes meant for complete coverage of the all viable topics for Prelims as well as GS paper III of the UPSC Main examinations. This book is aimed at providing a broad perspectives on the developmental policies, schemes and agendas of the Indian Republic, which shall prove helpful in any competitive examination. Written by an IAS officer, Dr Saumitra Mohan, who is presently the commissioner of School Education, Department of Education, Kolkata, it is imbued with first-hand knowledge of the major ongoing processes of social and economic change. The book discusses over 100 schemes as deemed important for the central and state civil services. Additionally, extremely relevant monetary policies, such as demonitisation, have also been discussed in the book.
Key Features:
1. It is not syllabus based but examination-based.
2. Based on the data and inputs from students while working on a human centric design principle whereby the needs of the students are given paramount importance.
3. An exhaustive glossary of government schemes under one title
4. Over a hundred schemes and policies discussed with respect various development models
5. Completely updated to include even the most recent development agendas and government schemes
6. Includes exceptional issues such as demonitisation and monetary policy
7. A special section on Indian foreign policy updated with latest issues and developments on the Indian and international scene
8. Written in an extremely lucid language which is easy to grasp
9. Thematically put together to benefit readership preparing for other competitive examinations

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SKU/ISBN 9789387886780
AUTHOR Saumitra Mohan
LANGUAGE English Medium
FORMAT Paperback

Ch 1 A glossary of Government Schemes
Ch 2 Some Major Govt Schemes
Ch 3 Demonetisation
Ch 6 Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojana
Ch 7 Role of Public Distribution System in food Security
Ch 8 Reserved National Tuberculosis Control Programme
Ch 10 Climate Change
Ch 11 US Recession Might Not Affect Indian Growth
Ch 12 Ensuring Food Security
Ch 13 Employment Guarantee
Ch 14 Global Slavery Index
Ch 15 Global Hunger Index
Ch 16 Human Development Index
Ch 17 MDGs
Ch 18 Major Socio-Economic Policies
Ch 19 Major National, Regional and International Institutions
Ch 20 India?s Foreign Policy
Ch 21 Leveraging Indian Diaspora in Economic Development
Ch 22 RTI
Ch 23 Some important Facts You Should Know
Ch 24 Table of New Government Schemes

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