Geography Of India
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Geography Of India

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Geography of India, our flagship titles is entering its 7e. This book is an established manual on the subject by Majid Husain and is a bestseller in the segment. It is now a widely read reference book that deals with the relevant features and topics of India?s geographical landscape in a systematic and comprehensive manner. Varied topics covered are resources of India, different types of irrigation, cropping patterns of India, transport, and public distribution system and food security. It is also being increasingly referred to by graduates and postgraduates of the subject and by researchers and academicians.
Salient Features
1. Based on UPSC syllabus, strong in theoretical concepts, supplemented with original maps and diagrams.
2. Covers the important areas of biosphere reserves, national parks, tiger reserves, sanctuaries, wetlands and estuaries.
3. thoroughly revised, the energy, mineral resources and the transport systems of India.
4. Updated data on Human Development Index of India.
5. The Chapter 13- Cultural Setting of India has been thoroughly revised and information updated with the help of Final Tables of the Census of India 2011.
6. The current topics like Ganga Cleaning Project, make in India, Smart Cities, Kaveri Water Dispute, Kolkata Kunming Corridor, the Pakistan-China Economic Corridor, and the New Silk Route – One Belt One Road (OBOR) have been incorporated in the present volume.

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SKU/ISBN 9789352606221
AUTHOR Majid Husain
LANGUAGE English Medium
FORMAT Paperback

1. Structure of India
2. Physiography
3. Drainage
4. Climate
5. Natural Vegetation and National Parks
6. Soils
7. Resources
8. Energy Resources
9. Agriculture
10. Spatial Organisation of Agriculture
11. Industries
12. Transport, Communications, and Trade
13. Cultural Setting
14. Settlements
15. Regional Development and Planning
16. India?Political Aspects
17. Contemporary Issues Appendices
Multiple Choice Questions

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