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International Relations for Civil Services Examinations is an all-encompassing manual on world politics, foreign policy and international relations that is a must-read for all UPSC candidates. Covering the complete IR syllabus of General Studies (for Prelims and Main exam) and Political Science (optional) syllabus, the book is especially designed for an in-depth analytical understanding of the global world order and has been supplemented with numerous case studies and diagrams to aid the mnemonic reading of aspirants. The book is completely up-to-date, with events ranging from the rise of the modern nation states to the events of the present year. India?s relations with all continents and regions of the world have been thoroughly discussed, along with the changing paradigms of its foreign policy over the decades
Salient Features:
1. Covers the entire UPSC and State Services (both Prelims and Main) syllabi
2. Covers IR syllabus of Political Science optional
3. Includes 100-plus diagrams for easy understanding of readers
4. More than 50 case studies to enhance learning objectives
5. Chapters are written with inputs from serving and retired diplomats
6. Every chapter starts with a background analyzing diplomatic histories of the nations, and covers events up to the present time
7. Only book to include separate sections on terms used in IR
8. Includes analytical survey of world history from ancient times to the Cold War to serve as historical background to the rise of modern nation states
9. Multi-dimensional approach where every aspect of diplomacy and Indian Foreign Policy is covered

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SKU/ISBN 9789352602827
AUTHOR Pavneet Singh
LANGUAGE English Medium
FORMAT Paperback

SECTION A- Foundation of International Relations
SECTION-B- Theories and approaches in International Relations
SECTION-C: Making and origin of the Indian Foreign Policy
SECTION-D: India and its neighbourhood relations.
SECTION -E: Bilateral regional and global groupings and agreements involving India and/or affecting India’s interests.
SECTION-F: International institutions & Global groupings
SECTION-G India and National security diplomacy, Nuclear diplomacy, Economic diplomacy, cultural diplomacy
Section-H: International Issues & Current trends
Section ? I: India?s Grand Strategy and Concluding Debates in Foreign Policy

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